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Measuring media spending with performance that pay back

Right solution
& Cutting-edge technologies

"What we are doing here is to make sure that we enable our clients to be one step ahead in this competitive and fast-changing world."
Management team

Understand your user experience

The funnel become more and more complicated than it was. Purely marketing either online or offline may not be enough.

people over cookies

Attribution model most of the time is messy, and not accurately trackable. Measuring with cookies may increase the level of complexity and even mess it up.

We are here to support the most complex ever in marketing (online & offline) era. As planners always love to measure their success in the marketing strategies, with all tools available from platforms can make be overwhelmed, and misleading.
With our expertise in specialty of O2O concept, data scientist, agency knowhow and social giant platform knowledge, we are proudly presenting our 2 broad service availabilities: (1) Online and (2) Offline (OOH) offering to all sizes of businesses (if applicable).

(1) Online: as our horizon about media landscape has been broadened. We have categorized them into: Core Platforms and Indies Platforms*

(2) Offline: as an online-led solution provider, we use offline to enhance and gain the incremental for giant campaigns or to specify specific area like siam or victory monument, plus online to drive the people around that area to walk to your store. 

*Online services available

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